2017-2018 Rotary Club of Newport President: Rob Thompson

President's Message

Rob Thompson Dear Friends:

I am excited to serve as our club's president this coming year. It's an honor and I believe with your help and willingness it will be a rewarding and fun year. Rotary is a wonderful organization filled with caring and passionate people. I want to thank Howard for his passion and leadership this last year. I want to support that passion and continue to help our club move in a direction that will make the most of our year together.

During PETS, our DG Claudette gave rotary pins to Pres. Elects that have wings. The symbolism is based in flying, which is a passion of mine. I have been a private pilot since 1999. Flying requires a plan, and we have a plan to start the year. I want to listen and help our club develop that into a multi-year plan. There are many opportunities in our local community to help, from homelessness to foster challenges, human trafficking, the needs are many and tremendous. There are also needs around the world. Time is short for Polio, but the next endeavor of World Peace will take time and long term planning.

I want to stress what an amazing membership Rotary provides us. We can make a difference. We will continue to grow our Newport club membership, and make new friends to solve and take on these goals. I want to get to know each of you better and I hope you share that same spirit with me to make new friends and strengthen the friendships you already have in this club. I ask that during this year, you do something a little extra with your membership that may stretch you. I believe if you do that little extra that your membership will change your life.

Let's do a little extra, let's make new friends, and strengthen the ones we have through fun, and let's change the world together both locally and internationally. #POWEROF1

Rob Thompson
President 2017-2018
The Rotary Club of Newport, Oregon